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EPD – Environmental Product Declaration for NLMK DanSteel Hot rolled Steel Plates

ACRYPT’s recent work on the EPD for NLMK DanSteel’s hot-rolled uncoated steel plates demonstrates their capability to handle complex assessments in compliance with ISO 14025:2006 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC:2021 standards. They specializes in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) services and provides detailed environmental impact analyses essential for sustainable product development.

Project description

This EPD is based on a cradle-to-gate with modules A1-A3, C1-C4, and module D based on the application of LCA methodology according to reference PCR. The following life cycle stages are considered:

  • Production (Modules A1-A3)
  • End-of-life (Modules C1-C4)
  • Benefits and loads beyond product system boundary (Module D)

The foreground data was modelled by using specific data derived from NLMK DanSteel manufacturing facility, and was analysed by ACRYPT, Denmark. Furthermore, LCA datasets (cradle to gate) for raw materials, energy consumption, and other ancillary materials have been linked to the foreground data of the various stages of the life cycle (background data). The background data are provided by OneClick LCA from the Ecoinvent 3.8 database.

NLMK DanSteel Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Detailed information

Client: NLMK DanSteel, Denmark

Registry: International EPD System

Registration Number: S-P-13212

Product Name: Hot-rolled Uncoated Steel Plate

EPD Document: EPD document S-P-13212 en.pdf

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NLMK DanSteel Hot Rolled Steel Plate

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